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Fed Watch - Bitcoin and Macro

Dec 16, 2020

Full episode article link : here

In this episode, Christian and Ansel give updates on the Federal Reserve, ECB, and PBOC. Europe is the most exciting because last week they updated their policy, admitting they are fighting deflation, economic contraction, and a strong euro, despite the 1.85 trillion euro stimulus this year alone. It seems the more they do, the worse their situation gets.

The Fed meets Wednesday, December 16th, for their final meeting of the year, in which they are expected to keep everything the same. Next, we cover the PBOC’s recent troubles with defaults throughout their economy, and the increasing amount of stimulus they are providing.

Lastly, what would a bitcoin podcast be without a discussion about MicroStrategy and MassMutual. Bitcoiners have been expecting this type of adoption for years, so it is exciting but expected.


Federal Reserve’s final meeting of 2020 :

ECB expands and extends its bond buying as coronavirus resurgence weighs on the recovery :

The ECB's Policy Dilemma: More QE Will Strengthen The Euro :

China has no plan to replace USD with digital yuan, former PBoC head says :

Nov 27 - China’s central bank could intervene after ‘glaring’ state-firm bond defaults, analyst says :

Dec 14 - China’s central bank injects 950 billion yuan of medium-term loans, leaves rate unchanged :