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Fed Watch - Bitcoin and Macro

Aug 31, 2021

In this special episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Fed Watch” podcast, we are joined by Greg Foss and Aaron Segal, two notable individuals operating in the Bitcoin space. Viewing Bitcoin from a national and global perspective, this conversation focuses on the interplay between centralization and decentralization. Aaron’s latest essay on the topic breaks down the core facets of this hierarchical authority, and in this discussion he highlights the five axioms of centralization vs. decentralization. Expanding on how decentralization is a stabilizing force, and why centralization doesn’t always correlate with fascism or totalitarianism, Aaron shines a light on how Bitcoin can play a role in fluctuating economic environments. Touching on China’s economic shift and what the U.S. can learn from it, the conversation ramps up on Aaron’s fifth axiom: Bitcoin as a decentralizing force. Should we fight the federal reserve? Is the unpredictable nature of the Chinese government deterring passive investors? Join our panel-style discussion as we debate these economic changes and the future of decentralization.