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Fed Watch - Bitcoin and Macro

Jun 8, 2021

This podcast episode was recorded as a primer for Greg’s appearance at the B21 The Bitcoin Macro Landscape Panel. If you couldn’t make the conference, make sure to catch the Bitcoin 2021 YouTube live stream for day one and for day two

In this podcast recorded on May 25th, Bitcoin Magazine’s Head of Research Dylan LeClair had a discussion with credit market expert Greg Foss to discuss the macro landscape surrounding bitcoin.

Greg holds over 30 years of experience in credit markets, and his breadth of knowledge was put on full display during the podcast as the two discussed leverage in the financial system, investment strategies and hedging optionality using a small long VOL allocation with a majority bitcoin position, and bitcoin as the ultimate solution to the fiat ponzi. The two also discussed the recent event of legendary macro investor Ray Dalio saying he would rather own Bitcoin than a bond, and what it means for the investment community.  

This discussion is not one you want to miss. For more of Greg’s work, checkout his report tilted, Why Every Fixed Income Investor Needs To Consider Bitcoin As Portfolio Insurance, as well as tune in to his panel discussion with Preston Pysh, Jeff Booth Mark Yusko, and Trey Lockerbie on the Nakamoto Stage at 9:10am EST ( livestream link: here).