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Fed Watch - Bitcoin and Macro

Jun 30, 2021

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In this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Fed Watch” podcast, we, your hosts Christian Keroles and Ansel Lindner, had the privilege of sitting down with Aaron Segal of Bitcoin Magazine and Jeff Booth, author of “The Price Of Tomorrow,” to discuss some of the pitfalls of the current dominant narratives in bitcoin and sound money.

Segal is somewhat new to the bitcoin space but has already made a splash with two great essays for Bitcoin Magazine. The first is “Bitcoin Information Theory: B.I.T.,” and the second and the main subject of this podcast is called “Thinking Too Small And The Pitfalls Of The Inflation Narrative.” In both of these essays, Segal gives a fresh take on the bitcoin space from an insightful, new entrant perspective.

In this episode, we tried to flesh out the deflationist perspective, or at least why the inflationist perspective is not a given. Segal and Booth began by saying it is important to peel back the onion and not rest on surface-level monetary memes, like “money printer go brrr.” Segal does not want to get caught up on labels, instead concentrating on the underlying mechanisms of technological deflation meeting monetary inflation.

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Written by Ansel Lindner

Economist, author and bitcoin specialist. Find more from Ansel at the Bitcoin & Markets podcast (, the, and macro blog Bitcoin & Markets Research (