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Fed Watch - Bitcoin and Macro

Dec 7, 2020

This is Fed Watch, the Bitcoin Magazine podcast and show focused on bringing together the worlds of Macro Finance and Bitcoin. This week on Fed Watch hosts CK and Ansel Discuss Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell's speech at the Jackson Hole Federal Reserve Meeting. The hosts also discuss deflation in Europe and the ECB's inability to create inflation. We close the show out with Bitcoin Technical Analysis and Fundamentals.

Powell’s Speech PDF transcript:

Hypothesis highlights:

The speech meant to announce their new consensus statement and framework of how they interpret their mandate from Congress. It was the culmination of a 2 year internal audit and research. The speech is organized into parts, (a) Evolution of Fed tools/framework from inflation fighter to deflation fighter, (b) the four key economic developments motivated our review, (c) discussion of unemployment side of the mandate, and (d) discussion of the inflation side of their mandate.

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