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Fed Watch - Bitcoin and Macro

Dec 6, 2021

In this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Fed Watch'' podcast, Christian Keroles and I sit down with Tom Luongo of Gold Goats & Guns to talk about Europe and central bank politics. We go into the weeds, what’s happening behind closed doors as it were, in a discussion you won’t find on any other show. Tom’s theories revolve around his idea of the primarily European/Western elites which he sums up as Davos man. It’s a wide-ranging discussion which I outline below.

You can find all of Tom’s content on his website. I recommend going back to episode 75-77 to get a summary of Davos man and his geopolitical framework. Tom is a long time bitcoin advocate, so of course, we discuss what bitcoin means geopolitically in this time of great change.

Who or what is Davos man?

I read a post from Tom Luongo that was syndicated to Zerohedge several months ago. In that post he was calling the European elites “Davos man”. I was struck by this framing, because it perfectly sums up the elites of the declining world order in my general geopolitical framework. Tom describes them as, “all the people who think they run the world.” Their calling cards are globalization, international institutions (like NATO, the EU and the UN), climate change, and a global tax regime. He sums it up as “communists”, I’d add to that that they are global communists.

The goal of Davos is to reverse WWII, where European economies were destroyed and capital fled to the US. This time, they want to cause global chaos outside of Europe, and make the EU the center for capital flight in the coming decades.

Powell and Davos

Tom frames the current struggle as a battle between Davos man and Wall St. Powell is not Janet Yellen; he is loyal to US money interests in a way that contradicts Davos’ full court press against the world.

Tom filled in our blanks on why Powell is different. For the last year, Christian and I, on FedWatch have been saying Powell is a “straight shooter”. We sensed he was different than the typical central bank elite. Now I see that this central banking elite is part of the Davos world order.


Powell has stiff-armed Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and provided monetary facilities that have maintained US dollar dominance in the global financial system. Tom goes into why his renomination is so important, because it is like drawing a red line, the US will not play Davos’ game anymore. Cinderella favorite Lael Brainard, who was passed up for Chairman because her appointment by the Senate was questionable, and her deep connections to the CCP through her husband have surfaced.

World tour of geopolitics

In the second half of the show, our conversation gets into the weeds on specific hotspots around the world. We and Tom are in agreement that Europe is in a lot of trouble. But where I am concerned about Russia’s natural geopolitical drive for strategic depth and their waning demographic time bomb, Luongo is not as worried because Russia does not want to be dragged into a war. To give you an idea of the ground we cover quickly at the end of the podcast, we brought in Afghanistan and why that was such a pivotal event, MacKinder and Brzezinski’s Heartland Theory, and the US’ return to non-interventionism.


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Written by Ansel Lindner

Economist, bitcoin specialist, and author of the Bitcoin Dictionary and the free weekly Bitcoin Fundamentals Report. Find more from Ansel at the


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