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Fed Watch - Bitcoin and Macro

Mar 17, 2021

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In this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s Fed Watch podcast, Christian Keroles and Ansel Lindner speak with ​Mark Moss who is a serial entrepreneur with a specialty in real estate and investing. We picked his brain about bitcoin as an asset class, monetary and fiscal policy in the US, and what the future 12-24 months has in store.

Mark Moss says he sees high inflation and a systemic breakdown coming soon due to several factors. Ansel and Christian press him for more clarity. Is there a tipping point we will unmistakably notice in the future? What if velocity never picks up and inflation in most of the economy is muted for an extended period?

Ansel, Christian and Mark spend the next 15 minutes going back and forth, trying to get to a more concrete view of just how the next 12-24 months will proceed.

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Written by Ansel Lindner

Economist, author and bitcoin specialist. Find more from Ansel at the Bitcoin & Markets podcast (, the, and macro blog Bitcoin & Markets Research (